Kayla VanDyke spent 9 years in Minnesota's foster care system.

Kayla entered into foster care when she was four years old. She went back to live with her birth family three years later before reentering care at age thirteen. Kayla has lived in seven different foster homes and attended ten different schools. Thanks to the mentors and adults in her life, she was not only was able to overcome adversity and graduate on time, but also fulfill her dream of going to Japan. Kayla loves art in all forms and her favorite outlets for artistic expression include painting, drawing and working with clay. In her free time she enjoys running, reading, traveling and trying new things. A weird fact about Kayla is that she likes to collect taboo relics. She'll be attending the University of Hamline next year and studying psychology. Eventually Kayla would like to work as an alternative therapist and help people who have experienced similar issues that she has encountered and overcome.