Ka'Tina Jackson spent 4 years in California's foster care system.

Offering a helping hand often is easier said than done. But for Ka'Tina Jackson of California, providing others with support and collaboration is a daily challenge that she meets as a mother to her baby, a leader at her youth group, as an intern at Fostering Media Connections and as a coworker at San Francisco ILSP. Ka’Tina can take pride knowing others feel like she is available, that she will help, and that she will meet deadlines.

Winning the San Francisco Foster Care Month Award last year is a symbol of how Ka'Tina is accepted and depended upon by her peers and other leaders in her circle. Currently, Ka'Tina is enrolled in college, works, and is a young mother. Whether Ka’Tina continues her helping hand as a youth advocate or as a florist (which is her dream job) we can be assured that the community of youth that she has engaged will never forget her.

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2013 Outstanding Young Leaders