2 years in Montana’s foster care system

19 years old


Kassidy Geehan experienced kinship care while she was in the foster care system. Kassidy is a very passionate leader - she advocates for youth still in care.

Although Kassidy experienced some challenges and trials while going through the system, it did not stop her successfully completing high school and furthering education at Montana State University. Kassidy is extremely passionate about supporting and advocating for resources to support foster youth in higher education.

Kassidy currently attends Montana State University - studying to achieve a bachelor’s degree, a double major of microbiology, immunology and a minor in political science. Kassidy hopes one day to become a physician’s assistant that specializes in cardiology. As well as finding a way to advocate and support change within Montana’s care system. She hopes to hold a leadership role with Montana’s Youth Advisory Board.

In Kassidy’s free time she participates with a women’s social club on campus, Chi Alpha Kappa (XAK), a social group that strives to promote friendship, academic growth, and community service to Bozeman. Kassidy loves her group of sisters, which has provided her a support system and a family to her while she attends at MSU.

Kassidy is a person that people can go to in a time of need, a person that listens without judgment and only strives to bring her very best. A leader of change for the generations to come.

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