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Kalyn D is very involved in her community. She was nominated to serve a year on the board of Strong Able Youth Speaking Out (SaySo), a statewide association of youth aged 14 to 24 who are or have been in the out-of-home care system in North Carolina. During her time on the board, she became involved in state issues. As a result, she would like to assist in bringing a local chapter of SaySo to Brunswick County, NC. Kalyn would like to help mentor youth in foster care because she knows how beneficial it would have been for her to have had a mentor who was experienced with the system. Kalyn has also discussed having some type of clothing exchange for youth in foster care associated with the Department of Social Services. She sees that as a local need and an opportunity to give back to her home community. Kalyn is also active in Brunswick County’s LINKS (North Carolina Foster Care Independence Program), a network of services for teens in foster care. Kalyn’s desire to complete a degree in Early Childhood Development and work with small children was inspired by her experiences and is complemented by her job for the past two years at a local daycare center. Kalyn is a very focused and dedicated student. She has always performed well in academics and even while working full time has maintained over a 3.0 GPA. Mary Anne, Kalyn’s caseworker, has worked with her for over two years, and during that time has seen her grow into a responsible, mature young woman. “She is a dedicated student and employee who also takes care of her family members. She is dependable and reliable and always shows up with a smile! I am confident that Kalyn will continue to wonderful things in her life.”