Kaitlynn Dutkiewicz spent 5 years in Missouri's foster care system.

Kaitlynn has been in foster care for four years now, and will be turning 19 years old this year. She currently lives with the grandmother of one of her best friends. Kaitlynn is not currently in school, so she is working for now. However, Kaitlynn believes that people should always have an opportunity to pursue higher education, so she is interested in advocating for this issue. Kaitlynn is also interested in the topics of helping foster youth maintain family connections (including siblings and other relatives) and reducing homelessness of foster youth after foster care.

Kaitlynn participated in the 2016 Congressional Foster Youth Shadow Program. As a Shadow, Kaitlynn shared her experiences with her congressional member, joined her peers in advocating at the national level and enjoyed her first opportunity to travel outside her state!

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2017 Outstanding Young Leaders