Kaeyoni Phillips 

Her/ hers/she

20 years old

Indiana’s Foster Care System 

Kae’yoni Phillips currently attends Ivy Tech Community College, where she is a second year sophomore in hopes of graduating on time from there with her associates degree and certificate in addictions. After community college she plans to transfer to a four year university to complete her education with a bachelor’s in social work. 


Although she is the first person in her family to attend college , she comes from a long line of cooks, hairstylists and business owners. She is proud to say that even though education is primarily the goal, she has aspirations to become  an entrepreneur of the hair industry.


In her free time she likes to workout or create wigs. Currently she is a part of her state’s youth advisory board and uses her experiences in foster care to learn about new helpful resources. Kaeyoni entered the system at the age of 16 , and had been to three different types of placements within the two years she spent in the system. She has aged out and has been living independently on her own , pursuing her dreams.

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2021 All-Stars