Justyce Elizabeth Callisto


20 Years Old 

Vermont Foster Care System 

Justyce Elizabeth Callisto is currently working on getting pans bachelor’s degree in psychology with a concentration in mental health counseling from SNHU. Once pan has gotten pans bachelor’s degree, Justyce plans on getting pans master’s degree in psychology, child and adolescent development. 
Some of pans hobbies include baseball, music in all aspects, juggling, photography, and volunteering. Justyce is a former foster child, and spent roughly eight or nine years in that system. Pan signed out after pans turned 18 and graduated high school. 
Justyce was 2 years old when pan entered the system pans first time, and was 12 the second time pan entered the system. The total number of moves pan had was roughly 23, that included foster homes, respite homes, residentials, group homes and even inpatient facilities. Justyce has three siblings who entered care with pans, but they did not stay together. Justyce does not have much of a relationship with any of them. 

One awesome fact about Justyce is pan taught panself how to juggle while in an in-patient treatment center at 13 years old. 
pans overall career goals are to use pans skills and experience in the system to help foster youth who are at-risk understand that there are different ways to cope. pan wants to show that there are different ways to communicate so they do not have to rewire their brain and try to become adults at the same time.