Twenty-five year old Julia spent more than 11 years in North Carolina's foster care system. During this time, she lived in more than a dozen foster homes, and lost contact with her seven brothers and sisters. "If someone had asked me what I was waiting for while I was in foster care, I would say that I was waiting to be reconnected with my siblings," she says. Her bond with her older sister was particularly strong, and it was devastating to be separated from her and not know where she was. Sensing Julia's distress and sadness, her foster mother tracked down her sister, who was homeless, and asked her to come live with them. Now, Julia and her older sister have become each other's lifelines. And Julia's dream of finding a lasting, loving family was realized when she was adopted by her foster mother in December 2005 at the age of 23. Now an author and advocate for foster care reform, Julia speaks powerfully about her experiences in foster care and the need for change. "Flexible federal dollars would help some children achieve permanence faster," she says.




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Julia, I am beginning a new foster care and adoption service program in our area. I want our program to target the individuals and families like your "last" experience. I am now trying to put together marketing strategies to target this type of population for foster families. Is it ok, if I use any of your information in advertising, what kind of suggestions/or directions can you help me with, to help these kids and our program be unique for the children and families.
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Hi Daytime, I'm not sure how often Julia checks this page, so, as FosterClub's site administrator I wanted to get back to you on your comment. That's great to hear that you're beginning a new foster care and adoption service program in your area. I do ask that you please do NOT use any of Julia's information for advertising (we would need much more information about your program, would need to get Julia's permission, and would most likely require some sort of contract). However, FosterClub does have a variety a great resources designed for young people in foster care. Please feel free to refer people to anything on FosterClub's site that you find useful - just reference our organization when doing so. In terms of advice, I recommend that never stop looking at things from the young person's perspective - consider engaging some youth or alumni in planning your program. Best of luck with your organization!
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