Jowelle Mullen spent 13 years in Deleware's foster care system. Jowelle spent 13 years in foster care. In those 13 years, she experienced 13 different placements and 7 different schools before aging out. Even with all the challenges she experienced, she became a member of the National Honor Society in high school. She was awarded Most Likely to Succeed in high school and from the Independent Living Program in Delaware, Recently, she traveled to Washington DC to advocate for foster care. Jowelle actively engages in her community through churches, feeding the homeless during Thanksgiving. She volunteers at her old high school's preschool as a Teacher's Aide. She is working on obtaining a volunteer position in a science lab where she can gain experience before applying for an internship. Currently, she attends Delaware State University where she is studying Chemistry. She would like to earn her Master's Degree in Chemistry. In addition, she has a goal of becoming an advocate for foster care to make the system better for future foster children. Jowelle shared why she enjoys to give back: "I like to give back because I know what it's like not to have."