Jordyn Calloway spent 6 years in Oregon's foster care system.

Jordyn is enrolled at OSU and is working toward a Bachelor's in Biology. She plans to go to graduate school, her goal is to become a doctor or possibly a surgeon to help children with deformities. Jordyn was removed from her home at 12 years old, separated from her family and moved to another state. She lived in foster care and has persevered to overcome her loss and find her identity. She worked hard and never stopped trying which is a testimony to her inner strength. Her tenacity is inspiring and motivated her current enrollment at OSU.

Jordyn has volunteered at the counseling center and actively participated in girls’ support groups. She is actively involved with ILP, YAC and OYFC events, reaching out to young people. She has volunteered at the Oregon Food Bank and in high school she was a college peer mentor helping students find colleges and scholarships. In college she has attended summer scholars and is now part of a leadership group called Stem Leaders Program and conducts research. She is a member of Isamp Louise Strokes Administrator for minority participation in college and is training to become a mentor for other minority students attending OSU.

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2015 Outstanding Young Leaders