Jordan grew up in Russian orphanages before two unsuccessful adoptions in the United States. He then went through numerous placements in the US foster care system. At his last placement Jordan found his foster dad, who become a mentor and profoundly impacted his life. Unfortunately, he passed away and Jordan aged out of the system shortly thereafter. Jordan has taken adversity in stride and now focuses his energy on other youth transitioning out of the system. When asked about his work, he says, “I continue to be a role model. I work in the DSS (Social Services) office in the Chafee program. I help kids aging out, support the ones who are already on their own on getting into college, a place of their own, or just everyday advice.” He recently started a division of Bridging the Gaps Youth Leadership Board. In 2005 he received a Congressional Award for invaluable contributions to the community.
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2010 Outstanding Young Leaders