Johnoi Shaw spent 5 years in New York's foster care system. Johnoi Shaw is a young, intelligent individual who is very passionate about issues that are affecting young people in foster care. He is interested in sharing his experience to improve the life of other foster children. Johnoi reflects that it was very difficult being in foster care, being mentally unstable and emotionally draining. Johnoi tried to stay positive through it all. He is very passionate about foster care issues and has always wanted to be able to help advocate for other foster kids who are struggling. He recognizes other youth may be experiencing poor services or lack the emotional support one may need to cope with being in foster care. Johnoi is also very passionate about how LGBTQ youth are treated in foster care and would like to share his experience as an LGBTQ youth so that he can help achieve change in the system. Currently, Johnoi is planning on attending college this August. Johnoi dreams of becoming an Academy Award-winning actor one day.