Joey Yee, 19, spent 3 months in California’s Child Welfare system.


Joey entered care at 15 years old because of his parents’ inability to provide proper care at that time. Being placed in care for a total of three months and then reunited with his biological family.  

During his time in care, one of his biggest challenges was being separated from his siblings. They moved all his siblings to other counties. With support, they were all still able to stay connected. 


Joey is very active and enjoys playing volleyball. He grew to love the sport as it was a way for him to release his emotions. Another hobby of his is filmmaking, he was inspired by watching YouTube videos and learning how to film and make edits since he was young. One day Joey hopes to become a film editor.


Currently, Joey is working towards attaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and Digital Media and a minor in Economics.


Joey Yee is a young passionate advocate interested in making a change for sibling connections within foster care.