Jessica Overstreet spent 3.5 years in Florida's foster care system. Jessica entered foster care when she was age 14. While in foster care, she remembers feeling like she had no one on her side. Separated from her family, she felt disconnected from the people who were supposed to be her advocates. Jessica was adopted at the age of 17, but always maintained a strong connection with her biological family, as her connection with family was a priority. Jessica wishes her social workers and foster parents would have let her keep relationships with family so it wouldn't have been so hard to rebuild those relationship once she turned 18. Jessica is studying Hospitality at the University of Central Florida. She holds the fundraising chairperson position for Florida Youth SHINE, a non-profit organization comprised of current and former foster youth that advocate for the rights for youth in care. A participant in the 2016 Congressional Foster Youth Shadow Program, she was able to share her experiences with her Congressional member and join her peers in advocating on the national level. Jessica also works at Disney World, and one day plans to manage one of the Resorts at Disney (and then to become the next CEO!). Her hobbies include going to the parks with friends and family.