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Jerry Luevano spent 4 1/2 years in Louisianna's Foster Care System. Raised by his grandparents along with seven siblings, Jerry Luevano was placed in foster care in Louisiana when he was fourteen. After living in group homes, he eventually moved on to Youth Challenge where he realized he could turn his energies toward a positive direction. Now 17, Jerry has participated in Youth Challenge earning his GED there and growing to realize that he wants to make something of himself that would lead him to a sense of pride and accomplishment. He has an interest in enlisting in the navy and working in the medical field. While at Youth Challenge he received an Award of Excellence on his way to earning his GED. Currently employed for the last six months, Jerry also volunteers at the Pointe Coupee animal shelter and in church-related activities. Considered especially kind and loving by his nominator, he volunteers to sit with a neighbor who deals with multiple illnesses and is not expected to live long. He also helps the husband of the frail neighbor in home chores, hoping to contribute a positive hopefulness to the neighbors’ struggle.