Council Term: 2013-2015

Jeremy Long spent 5 years in Colorado's foster care system. 

Brief Biography: Jeremy Long spent 5 years in the Colorado foster care system. There he was lucky enough to only have one foster home who was supportive and only wanted to see him succeed. With the help of his foster mom, he graduated high school and went on to graduate from a four year university with a bachelors in communication. He currently works as a youth engagement coordinator for bridging the gap at mile high united way in Denver. He is very please to have the opportunity to advocate for his fellow foster care alumni and those still caught up in the system.

Future aspirations: With his previous internship with the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute in Washington DC and his interaction with Senator Grassley and the Senate Finance committee, his future aspirations include the desire to work in child welfare from a political standpoint. He has the goal of becoming a US Senator for the state of Colorado. Before this happens, he plans to acquire his masters degree in public policy. He is very excited to see what changes will occur in the future for child welfare.

Availability for projects: Document review, Policy development, On-site training (may require travel), Webinars, Writing (such as curriculum development), Work groups (requires on-going participation, perhaps travel)

Affiliations: FosterClub FCAA OFA CASA Jim Casey State or local youth board

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2009 All-Stars
Council Member - Past