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Jennifer Vidrine entered foster care during the most formative time in a girl’s life: high school. Instead of dreaming about prom dates and weekend outings, she focused on what she would be coming home to. Jennifer moved through several foster homes until aging out of the system, leaving her autistic younger brother in their group home. Despite the adversity she faced, Jennifer has not only survived, but thrived. She has held leadership positions in the jobs she has had since high school and dedicated her spare time to volunteer activities. While in college, Jennifer volunteered at the annual legislature awards, organized Easter meals for foster care youth and staff in group homes, and spoke at various DCFS and LSU events. Additionally, Jennifer has advocated for the foster care system at several conferences, speaking to a variety of age groups. She currently interns at HP Serve, a non-profit that serves in areas of foster care and anti-human trafficking initiatives. She teaches a weekly positive self-esteem and motivational class to female youth at a group home. Jennifer has been granted the Academic Competitiveness Grant and Pelican Promise Award at LSU. She is also a member the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and Kappa Tau Alpha. As far as her plans for the future, Jennifer plans to influence and advocate for foster care youth by attending law school and studying public policy. She is also dedicated to working directly with youth, especially those transitioning out of the system. In this way, Jennifer will not only continue to lead by example in her own life, but she will also extend her reach by positively affecting the lives of younger children in the foster care system.