Jenny Konrath understands that one powerful individual can raise her voice and make a massive difference in the world. The proof of her belief is in her actions, and her actions make quite a list: She has served as a volunteer in on the Montgomery County VISION Board; as a media spokesperson for the Ohio Youth Advisory Board; as a member of UCREW, a group designed to address social needs through the development of social enterprise; as a member of Law and Leadership in Dayton, Ohio, which focuses on teaching legal awareness; and as Lead Youth Representative on Ohio's statewide Transitional Housing Task Force. It was in this role that Jenny really showed what her personal drive and initiative could accomplish: she took it upon herself to design a youth survey, and reached out to youth all over the state to invite their insights. She scheduled phone calls with young people throughout the Ohio and truly represented the voice of young people in and from foster care throughout Ohio for the statewide task force.

Her hard work and dedication was rewarded in March, 2013, when she was chosen from kids throughout the entire state to take her voice straight to Washington, DC, and meet with members of Congress, including the Speaker of the House. In 2013, she returned for Congressional Youth Shadow Day and had an opportunity to share her story and discuss issues around foster care with some of the most powerful people in our government.

Jenny entered foster care at age four, in Chicago. At eight, she was moved to Dayton, Ohio, to live with her aunt as part of an official interstate foster care placement. One of many things that Jenny takes seriously is what it's like for foster care youth to be caught in the limbo of dual state custody. Her past indicates that anything she takes seriously she will work to improve; as she works toward her goal of becoming a lawyer, she will have the experience and platform to truly change the world around her.

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2013 Outstanding Young Leaders