Jasmine Orozco spent 8 years in California's foster care system

Jasmine comes from a family of 11, and was removed from her parents at the age of three. She believes that growing up in the foster care system is never easy; there are many different placements and case workers. Since she was little she wished for the best life she could possibly have. Jasmine is grateful for her "Angels", case workers Paul and Eddie, who listened to what she and her sisters needed, a "home". She states, "No one knows what’s best for us more than the youth."

She believes there is a need for more family programs for parents struggling with their children and an extended family contact list for youth who get removed from their homes. At the age of 15 she joined the non-profit organization California Youth Connection (CYC), where former and current foster youth between the ages of 14-24 come together to improve the system and to speak for those who are unheard. Every year the organization attends “Day at the Capitol,” where all 25 chapters gather together to present a bill that needs to be heard and enforced to improve the foster care system for current and future generations.

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2010 Outstanding Young Leaders