Jaquel spent 14 years in California's foster care system

Jaquel entered care at the innocent age of five due to his parent's incarceration. When he entered care, he was placed with a kind and loving family who instilled in him the importance of education and perseverance. Throughout his fourteen years in foster care, he experienced a number of placements foster homes and group homes. He persevered - graduating from high school with a 3.3 GPA. Jaquel actively volunteers for a number of organizations in his community. Some of these include: the Local Community Center, Church, Social Services Agency, Community College, University, Hospital, Feeds Starving Kids In Africa, and at his Local High School, Middle School and Elementary School. His future is bright; he has many future goals including earning his Bachelor's and Master's Degree then Phd, becoming an Executive Director, Teacher, Coach, Social Worker and Probation Officer.

Quote: "Giving back is important so you can enhance the personal development of others."

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2017 Outstanding Young Leaders