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Janell Braxton

Spent over 12 years in Washington's foster care system

Janell Braxton spent over 12 years in the Washington State foster care system and is looking to continue her education at University of Washington. She has been volunteering and working with three different non-profit organizations in Seattle, which are Passion to Action, Mockingbird Society, and International Foster Care Alliance (IFCA) for the past two to five years.

Janell went on an international trip to Japan with the IFCA organization in March of 2015; there she presented the importance of adult supporters in a foster youth’s life with her team members. As well as learned about Japan’s foster care system and culture. She has been heavily involved with the Mockingbird Society organization from being a chapter leader prepping meetings for members to walking around the state capitol advocating. She was also recently hired as the Network Representative for Mockingbird as a great addition to the team.

Janell is a hardworking, dedicated, and passionate young woman that empowers youth advocacy through their experiences from state to state and even internationally. She continues to inspire not only youth from care but to her community at work, school, and friends. She is a strong individual and because of her experience in care she is able to reach her dreams of affecting lives everywhere with each opportunity that opens its doors.


Biography written by FosterClub staff member: Amy Bergam
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