Jahlika Hamilton spent 8 years in New York's foster care system Jahlika, a young woman of Caribbean background, found being in foster care was tough at times. She determined that while she was her parents' child, she did not need to inherit their choices. During her time in foster care, she was empowered to choose, and with time and wisdom, she paved her own way in pursuit of happiness. Jahlika's participated in Congressional Shadow Day, building on her desire to help make the experience in foster care as normal and easy for her fellow sisters and brothers currently in care. She is the first women president of the New Yorkers For Children youth advisor board (YAB). Jahlika works part time at Northwell Hospital. She's currently working toward obtaining her Associates Degree in Liberal Arts, Math and Science which she will receive in June and plans on receiving bachelors in health science in the near future. She loves cheesecake and BBQ, music, dance and fashion.