After spending two years in the foster care system in the Midwest, Jacob uses any opportunity to apply his first-hand experience to benefit and expand the child welfare system in terms of policy change, procedure, and even changing laws. He helped facilitate the first Department of Human Services training in Iowa that focused on the gay, bisexual, lesbian, and transgender (LGBT) community in the foster care system. Since 2008, he has offered his experience in regards to over medication, LGBT populations, trauma informed care, bullying, best practice, and even areas of possible growth and expansion. He participates in Iowa’s Foster Care Youth Council Achieving Maximum Potential and the Iowa Foster and Adoptive Parents’ Association Board of Directors. Jacob is also the Treasurer of InSight Youth Leadership Board and serves on the Child Welfare Advisory Committee for the State of Iowa. Currently, he is working on earning a bachelor’s degree in Social Work.

Jacob is a writer, a lifetime learner, a gamer, and a foster youth.