Ian K


18 Years Old 



“I want to unlock more opportunities to help others, and to share my story and stories of how other foster youth can overcome their trauma and difficult circumstances. My goal is to help these kids and young adults unlock their true potential as people and to weaponize their experiences into a positive force for their fellow community members.”

Ian is a firm believer that you can become a stronger person by overcoming challenges in your life. He works with kids at an afterschool program, where he strives to teach them that no matter what, they should always practice kindness.

During his time in foster care, Ian saw how many young people struggle to find their footing, and believes that a focus on trauma-informed support can help turn their experiences into tools for progress.

Ian practices jiu jitsu and plays rugby. The discipline he learned from both helped him to stay resilient and work hard to get through difficult times.

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2023 Outstanding Young Leaders