Heaven Shaman-Page, age 22, spent time in Michigan’s Child Welfare System.


Heaven was born in Detroit Michigan, she entered care at the age of one. Heaven bounce from living in Ohio and Michigan through most of her foster care experience. She experiences serval placements within care, a foster home, kinship/relative care, adoptive home, and reunified with her bio family two different times. One of the big struggles in her experience was changing schools and the lack of stability. That didn’t stop her from thriving in her school work. Heaven’s senior year she successfully graduated and was accepted to a nearby college - she beat the odds! 


Currently, Heaven is a first-generation student attending her fifth year as a Ferris State student. Heaven will receive her bachelor's degree in Social Work this August. She plans to continue her education in hopes to achieve a Master's degree. 


In her spare time, Heaven works at a residential facility, as a youth specialist, where she supports kids who have been victims of abuse and neglect. Heaven is very active with RSO (Registered Student Organization) at Ferris State University, as well as SWA (Social Work Association), FYI (Ferris Youth Initiative), Active Minds, and Ferris Women's Club Rugby Alumni. One day Heaven hopes to own a non-profit that supports transition-age youth to receive the necessary skills needed to be successful adults.


Heaven Shaman-Page is independent, resilient, compassionately caring, and witty. She is an advocate for those in need of an advocating, someone similar to who she needed growing up.

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2019 Outstanding Young Leaders