Hannah Harrison spent 5 1/2 years in Tennessee's foster care system.

At age twelve, Hannah Irwin entered the foster care system due to abuse and neglect she suffered in an unstable home environment. Placed into kinship care with her Aunt and Uncle, Hannah spent almost six years in care before aging out at eighteen years old. Being removed from a dangerous environment and placed in a warm, loving and encouraging home helped save Hannah's life. She was able to develop a strong support system which put her on a path to succeed.

Currently, Hannah is a full-time student at East Tennessee State University. She works part-time at Justice clothing store, and volunteers at her church and Youth Villages. Her future goals are to graduate East Tennessee State University with a Bachelors in Healthcare Administration and a minor in Management, become a foster youth mentor/advocate, secure a position in a youth mental health organization, start a family, and continue to establish healthy relationships. Recently Hannah has gotten married and became Hannah Harrison. In her spare time, Hannah enjoys reading, painting, sketching, and playing video games.

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2017 Outstanding Young Leaders