Hannah has been in kinship care with her grandparents since she was 5 years old in the state of Colorado. 

Hannah is currently enrolled in Colorado Connections Academy and considers it a blessing. She enjoys the challenges of her Gifted, Talented, and Honors classes. She is proud of her Staff Sergeant promotion in Civil Air Patrol, 250 hours of community service for Grand Family Coalition last year, and being able to help take care of her grandfather and other children in situations like hers. 

In 2017, Hannah and her sister started a group within the Grand Family Coalition called Minor Pulse. Minor Pulse focuses on kinship care children being raised by their Grandparents. A component of the Minor Pulse support group is Teen Night, which helps the GCF teens feel welcome and able to share their feelings in a safe environment. 

Hannah’s dream is to go to the Air Force Academy and become an Aerospace Engineer. She wants to go to the Air Force Academy so she can serve her country in a meaningful way. Hannah loves math, science, and planes, especially the F-22 Raptor. It is a quick agile plane that is very important to the Air Force. 

A fun fact about Hannah is that she has 279 rubber ducks and is an avid reader.

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2019 Outstanding Young Leaders