Halley Miller

6 months in Michigan’s foster care system

20 years old 



Halley entered care at 16, where she experienced 2 foster home placements. The initial home was a terrible experience for her and her siblings - where she questions if they were even certified to be a foster home. The second placement was a better experience where she felt supported. One of her biggest struggles was the communication with her caseworker. Halley didn’t let her experience get the best of her - becoming the first on her father's side of the family to get past the 9th grade and graduating high school.


Halley’s drive and ambition fueled her to get active in the local foster care community and use her voice to create change, joining with Michigan’s Youth Opportunities Initiative, where she holds a leadership role as the president. MYOI is a non-profit organization for youth who've been in the foster care system over the age of 14. This program teaches youth how to
be better prepared successful young adults in our community. Besides being very active in her community, she creates quality time with her family, where they enjoy watching movies and playing family games.  


Halley aspires to one day be the first one in her family to graduate college and open a boarding school for youth in the system - where they will
be given the opportunity to live on campus with safe living conditions and healthy food options. 

Halley Miller hopes her story can ignite a spark to create, not only statewide, but a national change in the foster care system. She wants youth to know “We all have stories to share with good and bad experiences, either way, own your story and use it to help others - potentially preventing future failures in the foster care system.”
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