Hailey Scott spent 1 year in Montana's foster care system.

At birth, Hailey Scott was placed into the foster care system. Her biological parents were deemed unfit, and her along with the four siblings prior, were removed from their care. Placed with an elderly foster couple for six months, Hailey would eventually be adopted at the age of one. Her new adoptive family also fostered many children for over twenty-five years. Because of this, Hailey has witnessed many hardships and unfortunate situations a lot of foster children go through.

Hailey is a loving and caring individual, and her family is everything to her. Looking to go back to school next year for a vet tech degree, Hailey would ultimately like to become an equine chiropractor. She hopes to rescue horses and open a small equine therapy barn for troubled and disabled children. Currently, Hailey takes care of her four-month-old son, works rehabilitating her blind horse, and really wants to make a difference for foster kids.

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2017 Outstanding Young Leaders