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Georgina Rodriguezs spent 12 years in Florida's Foster Care System

Georgina Rodriguez is obviously a very self-reflective and determined individual. She is currently attending school and working in child welfare as well as staying involved in advocacy events around her state. On top of taking on the responsibilities of a “typical” nineteen year old, Georgina has stepped up and spoken out for those still struggling in the foster care system.

Volunteerism is a huge part of Georgina’s life, and she chooses to give back to programs that helped lift her up as a child. Georgina has spent time volunteering with her local Parks and Recreation, and also helps provide Christmas gifts to youth in foster care through the Foster Angels program of Hillsborough County.

Georgina serves as president of the Youth Empowerment Board and is a member of a statewide advocacy group- Florida Youth SHINE. Georgina also volunteers with panels and events as needed. Her determination to address injustices wherever she sees it, no matter how busy she is, speaks to the beautiful heart Georgina has.

One of the things most impressive about Georgina was her willingness to take on a parental role/responsibility for a younger foster sibling. Georgina not only advocates for youth on a large scale, but mentored an individual- which (from personal experience) I know can often be heartbreaking.

She approached her foster siblings needs with the patience and empathy needed and I’m sure her willingness to stand by him has meant more than she knows. I see many of the things I value in Georgina. She not only talks the talk with advocacy, but walks the walk by personally investing in the futures of the foster youth she knows.