Gabriela Ramos spent 3 years in Tennessee's foster care system.

Gabriela entered care at age 17. It wasn't great timing as it caused her to attend a different college than she had planned, but that wouldn't stop her. In high school, she received an Award for Citizenship, recognizing her willingness to give and help others. During the holidays, she reaches out to churches, the community kitchen, and served as an intern that worked at her social worker's office to help wrap presents for kids. She loves helping others and volunteering because it keeps her humble. She interns with a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) organization while balancing her studies and almost-full-time employment. She plans to finish school, travel the world learning about different religions and cultures. Ultimately, Gabriela would like to work for the FBI to help stop crime.

Gabriela says: “Giving back is important to stay humble. It helps you appreciate who you are and what you come from.”

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2017 Outstanding Young Leaders