Freddie Scott spent 11 years in Indiana's Foster Care System

After eleven years in foster care, Freddie Scott not only lives independently, but also finds time to give back to his foster care community through Generation Now Youth Leadership Board. “I have learned what volunteering is all about; I have learned how to advocate for myself, and how to be confident telling my story to others. I feel there is no obstacle that I cannot overcome.”

According to his letters of recommendation, sharing his story not only helps Freddie, but all those who get the privilege of hearing him speak. Freddie’s talents don’t end at the podium; they also extend into the kitchen. When it comes to food and art, Freddie has a creative knack that I definitely connect with. He has used his gift to paint murals in his community and to serve the homeless. A recent high school graduate, Freddie plans to go on to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Connections, followed by a certificate in Culinary Arts.

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2011 Outstanding Young Leaders