Felicia Blankenship, 21, Washington’s foster care system 

Felicia was placed in the care of family guardians with her two older siblings.  

She is very much involved in her community, to whom she gives credit to helping her understand her own needs for self-care and others. In addition to caring for her guardians’ health and finances, She spent a lot of time volunteering at senior centers. She also volunteered to run the lighting and media tech for the city’s community concerts. Art has helped her cope with a lot of her past, she is honored to have been chosen for the local student art show. She hopes to help and inspire people by using her passions.

Right now Felicia is pursuing an education in her passion, art! She is on track to get a transfer degree in visual arts then her bachelor's. Her interest is in 3D animation, video editing, and digital design. After she graduates she hopes to work in the tech field designing and would be honored to represent women in the tech community.

“Everyone can pursue self-care to use their past to find their story, which can help people look through the stigma around mental health.”