Evamae's stay in foster care began at birth. However, she was fortunate to stay with a single family during the majority of her time in care. After leaving a family member's home at the age of 16, Evamae moved into a group home.

After living in one foster home and three group homes, she emancipated in December 2004. Evamae graduated from George Washington Preparatory High School in June 2004 and is now majoring in Criminal Justice at Los Angeles Southwest College. She is a Hershe Alumni, which is a non profit organization, that provides mentoring to young ladies in care.

She also serves as a member for California Youth Connection (CYC) and has participated as a support member for the Alliance for Children's Rights. She was chosen as Alumni of the Year for two years straight for Los Angeles Opportunities Industrialization Center, which is a non profit organization that provides employment and Job readiness skills. She has also been employed with Delailu Achievement home for girls for the last 3 years and is the mother of a adorable 1 year old boy.

In addition, she states, "In spite of life's obstacles and struggles, I am optimistic that this journey we call life is only temporary, and we are merely passing through. In helping to improve the lives of those who don't have a voice, it encourages me to lift mine."

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2010 Outstanding Young Leaders