Erica Lopez spent her whole life in California's Foster Care System

With the support of strong and loving foster parents, Erica Lopez overcame her negative experiences in foster care. Her outlook has changed to one of hope. Through her pain, Erica has become compassionate and genuinely concerned for the well-being of other foster youth.

She wants to be an example and show young people that hurt can serve a purpose for growth, and that their past doesn’t have to determine their future. Erica has volunteered in various church fundraisers and helped plan community events. During her senior year in high school, she was part of the student government where she planned various school events throughout the year. Faith is an important part of Erica’s life. She believes that all people are created by God and deserve to be treated with respect. She shows love and support to those who believe differently than she does.

Erica has a passion for young people, and enjoys encouraging them. Many youth that she meets are without hope. She tries to bring them hope and show by example, that their lives are meaningful and have purpose. Erica is in her second year of the Master’s Commission Program through her church.

The program has given her the opportunity to speak at high schools, participate in youth conventions, and has also helped her develop leadership, public speaking, and academic studies strategies. Erica currently attends community college. Her goal is to attend a four year Bible college, obtain a cosmetologist license, and eventually become a motivational speaker to encourage youth.

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2011 Outstanding Young Leaders