Erica Hickey decided to go into foster care in 2012 and went through five different placements in the state of California. She hasn’t had much communication with her siblings, but she is working towards finding a way to reconnect. Since being in foster care she has become a full time Peer Mentor supporting homeless youth and also working with VOICES in Napa. She has sat on the Board of Directors for California Youth Connection (CYC) and feels like she has come full circle.

Erika wants to gain her Masters in Political Science so that she has a strong background when running for City Council Mayor.


"One could describe Erica as a determined young woman with the actions to match her drive. She has been a foster youth advocate with California Youth Connection (CYC) since entering the system at 16 years old and now has the honor to sit on the Board of Directors for the organization.   


Currently, Erica is a full-time student at Diablo Valley College (DVC) but will soon become an Aggie in the Fall  as she has accepted her admission to UC Davis! Her major is Political Science in Public Service, and she intends on continuing her advocacy for foster youth while mixing in her love for policy work.


It’s a balancing act with managing to work a full-time job as a Peer Advocate for homeless youth in Contra Costa County, volunteering for CYC, being a student, and being a guardian to her two younger siblings. However, passion and love lead her way to success as she reminds herself that ANYTHING is possible."

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2018 Outstanding Young Leaders