Emily Miller, 20, spent six months in Michigan’s foster care system. 


In her six months in care, Emily experienced therapeutic foster care and two foster homes, ending with reunification.


Emily has received an award for taking part in creating mosaics for the local DHS office to provide a welcoming atmosphere for the youth and families who come in. Emily has done volunteer work for Michigan State University concessions through the program Michigan Youth Opportunities Initiatives. She raised money to send foster youth to college while also accepting pillows for a “pillow effect” fundraiser to give each youth who enters foster care a pillow. Emily went to Flint, Michigan to help those who were homeless in the community by giving them clothes through her church organization and food. Through volunteering with her church, Emily and others would watch children of parents in another church during a workout class. She also took part in the food bank run by her church.

In her spare time, Emily enjoys reading, hunting, and fishing. She is also passionate about origami, as well as being skilled at cooking and baking for herself and her family. 


Emily plans to graduate high school with good grades, to be the second one in her family to do so. She also hopes and aims to get her CDL.

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2019 Outstanding Young Leaders