In her home state of North Dakota, Elizabeth Muralt spent time in foster care living in multiple foster home placements and a residential facility.  Elizabeth now serves on North Dakota‚Äôs Youth Board, where she is apart of contributing ideas and ways to bring awareness to the different struggles that youth in the system may face, as well as advice from personal experience of adversity from different life events, and persevering through traumatic events. On the board Elizabeth Muralt and others brainstormed the pavement for The Youth Board, with the goal of reaching out and connecting with youth, and trying to make a difference the best way they knew how, by building a panel presentation to present to different youth, service providers and foster parents in different cities in North Dakota. Together they decided they wanted the opportunity to share some of their experiences during their time in care and their ongoing transition to independence.  The presentation is intended for youth currently in foster care, foster parents and service providers. The panel focuses on keys to creating a healthy relationship between foster parents and children, as well as informs youth in placement about the benefits of the 18 plus continuing care program and the Educational Training Voucher, from those that have been involved in the foster care system.

Apart from her works in the community, Elizabeth also works while attending college full time. With any extra spare time she finds Elizabeth is dedicated to mentoring youth in the community, residential facilities and has devoted some of this passion in volunteering at The Boys & Girls Club. Elizabeth plans to own a shelter for at-risk youth and also aspires to write a book based on her own personal narrative with tips to help children and youth from the system, into their adulthood with advice for overcoming obstacles, and working hard to beat the labels and statistics of the system as well as not letting your past define who you are.  Elizabeth hopes to use her eventual college degree to become a caseworker and help rebuild broken families.

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2018 Outstanding Young Leaders