Elijah Lucas spent 14 years in Arizona's foster care system

Elijah entered care at the age of 6 and he experienced many placements. He struggled to maintain friendships because one thing that is consistent while being in the system is change. Elijah became active in advocacy and nonprofit organizations; this played a vital role in his development and taught him the importance of using his story, moving forward and striving hard in life no matter the circumstance. He received the Youth Innovator Award in the state of Arizona. He joined Magellan's Youth Group where he spoke to state legislators regarding different concerns that affect students in foster care, the behavioral health system, statewide policies and more.

Elijah helped launch MyLife (Magellan Youth Leaders Inspiring Future Empowerment) with several friends. MyLife seeks to show youth are agents of change, not just kids receiving services. He co-founded a nonprofit called Youth Business Connect that seeks to empower youngs adults to seek career paths to employment and leadership opportunities. He would like to own several restaurants and be able to invest in young talented leaders. Elijah plans to earn a Masters of Business Administration and a degree in Psychology. Long term, he wants to be successful in whatever he does and learn from every mistake

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2017 Outstanding Young Leaders