Eduardo Ballesteros spent 4 years in Utah's Foster Care System

It is likely that in the dictionary under the word “ambitious” there is a picture of Eduardo Ballesteros. At twenty-one, Eduardo is already a certified Massage therapist, but is also pursuing his bachelor’s in biomedical engineering and business, with plans to become an orthodontist. Amidst all of this, Eddie finds time to participate in Delta Iota Youth Leadership Council while also giving back to the foster care community as a spokesperson for The Christmas Box International, an organization that ensures abused, abandoned, and neglected children are sheltered and safe throughout the world.

The Executive Director of The Christmas Box International issues high praise: “Eddie has shown poise, a cheerful attitude, flexibility, empathy, enthusiasm, leadership and the ability to work hard during his interactions with The Christmas Box.” Eddie genuinely cares about foster youth, and has worked directly with the Utah Foster Care Foundation’s foster parent recruitment efforts. Eddie clearly has a great heart, using his massage skills volunteering weekly at the Children's Hospital giving massages to parents of sick children.

I can tell Eddie will continue to selflessly serve foster youth throughout his life, and this future orthodontist is bound to bring smiles to the faces of all those he interacts with.

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2011 Outstanding Young Leaders