Edie Hammett spent 4 years in Missouri's foster care system.

Edie entered the Missouri State Foster Care system at the age of two, later returning home around the age of five. She eventually re-entered care at the age of fifteen due to abuse and neglect within her home. After entering care, Edie moved homes several times within a year and lived in both Kinship and traditional foster home settings. She finally found stability in school attending and graduating from Fox Senior High School. After high school, she stayed in extended foster care where she moved to an Another Planned Living Arrangement (APLA) placement setting. Through this, Edie was able to attend college at the University of Missouri St.Louis; currently, she is working on Bachelors degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. While completing this degree, Edie is also pursuing career options at the Division of Youth Services; as a youth specialist, she would help incarcerated kids and teens through programs and services.

Edie enjoys running, doing makeup, watching Netflix documentaries and volunteering. Along with hanging out with family and friends, Edie is passionate about advocating for foster children's rights. She does so on Facebook and as a member of both her State Youth Advisory Board and her local St.Louis board.

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2016 All-Stars