Domi Skinner- Johnson spent 9 years in foster care.

At the age of nine, Dominique (Domi) was brought into the system because of domestic violence. Domi felt alone and angry. Letting anger consume her, Domi became a ‘trouble student’ and decided to shut everyone out. In the beginning of her foster care journey, she was exposed to many challenges, but through the struggle Domi found her calling through youth summer camps, also finding her inner healing through mentoring youth and relating her story to others. Currently, Domi has a full-time job and is planning to attend the University of Nevada-Las Vegas in the fall. Since being adopted at the age of seventeen, Domi has moved into a transitional housing program called St. Jude's The Crossings, which has helped her keep on track in life. In seven months since living at St. Jude’s, she has gotten a full time job, completed high school, and is learning how to become the change she wishes to see in the world.

Long-term, Domi plans on getting her bachelor's degree in anthropology and joining the Peace Corps. After completing the Peace Corp, she plans on traveling, teaching, and becoming an advocate for humanity. Usually, Domi spends her days either at work or going on adventures with her family and friends. Although Domi was brought into the system feeling alone and unwanted, she now has found a new family with amazing people who love her. Domi’s most proud achievements in life come from helping people.

Dominique is a free spirit, explorer, and a foster care alumni.

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2016 All-Stars