Born and raised in Rhode Island, Debra experienced various placements for 6 years. She has successfully transitioned independently. She currently is a full-time student and will be graduating early this December. Her future plans include grad school. Last summer Debra interned for the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, where Foster Youth Involvement conducted their first senate briefing. Debra believes that all foster youth have a chance at finding solidarity because at an older age she finally was able to find hers. Debra particularly enjoys testifying her story to political figures in order to draw a stronger correlation between higher education and foster care. In addition to school, Debra enjoys spending time with her biological parents. She has also been spending time with her just recently discovered “foster” family—who fulfill the definition of fostering. Debra enjoys painting, photography, surfing, Boston Red Sox—and Del’s Lemonade!
Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2009 Outstanding Young Leaders