Dashley Barnes spent 5 years in Missouri's foster care system,

Dashley was placed into care at the age of 14. While in foster care, she experienced separation from her siblings, a kinship placement, a group home and a foster home. She was placed with an amazing woman who helped turn her life around; she increased her grade point average and joined social activities. As a junior in high school, she is still striving to improve her grades to attend college. During Dashley's senior year of high school, she will take two advanced college classes. She is a member of both the Regional and State Youth Advisory Board. Passionate about maintaining family relationships, Dashley is connecting with and building relationships with her siblings.

In college, Dashley wants to study education. Her dream is to become an advocate for children who've experienced trauma. She would also like to be a foster and adoptive parent. This hard working, big hearted individual will always share her story with other young people in the system to let them know they can achieve whatever they put their minds to.

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2017 Outstanding Young Leaders