Cory Seller 


24 Years Old 

Kansas Foster Care System 


Cory Seller spent 5 years in the Kansas foster care system. Cory recently graduated with his bachelor’s degree in social work from Pittsburg State University with hopes of obtaining his Masters of Social Work and his Juris Doctorate to practice advocacy law with youth in foster care. Cory entered foster care when he was 14 years old and worked all throughout high school and into college, including multiple internships with young and older adults in the foster care system. School was one of the only places Cory felt he could be himself, and he graduated towards the top of his class. 

He loves leading groups and working with young people. Cory hopes that his story, which includes being homeless, going hungry, being an orphan, being a member of the LGBTQ2S+ community, and being a first-generation high school graduate and college student, can inspire other foster youth in similar situations to know they can make it in life. No matter how bad the cards they were dealt at birth are. Cory wants to ensure that all youth in foster care know they have a right to be loved and cared for, and that they know they are more than just a case number given for the time they are in care. Cory is a member of KYAC and was very involved during his college career, including being the first LGBTQ2S+ person to be on the Pittsburg State University Student Government Association Cabinet.

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2021 All-Stars