Seventeen year old Cody Pollard entered foster care at age 12 with an older sibling, and four years later is thriving, helping his community, and making a big impression on all those he encounters. Much of Cody’s service is connected with his church, having embarked on multiple mission trips and serving as a camp councilor and mentor to younger church members. Singing is another big part of Cody’s life, and he recently participated in a regional competition that brought him to Chicago. Cody is not only service-oriented, but also ambitious.

This summer Cody has secured a Sports Medicine Internship, to further investigate what he plans to become his life’s work. Cody’s intelligence and commitment to service have made him highly sought after by colleges around the country, and he has already been asked to participate in Columbia University’s summer program in 2012. A supportive adult in Cody’s life states, “Cody is an excellent young man. He is responsible, and is a role model. Cody is also a self-starter and has done many things to prepare himself for college without any help from others.” Cody’s can-do attitude and his helpful nature make him an excellent representative for youth in foster care.

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2012 Outstanding Young Leaders