Chy Nash spent 10 years in foster care. She entered the system at the age of 9 years old. She was placed in 14 different placements during this time. These placements included group homes, hospitals, foster homes, shelters, and respite homes. She attended Portland Community College this past year, she is currently taking some time off to focus on work and her health, but will be returning to her studies this fall. Chy’s educational areas of interest are in social work, specifically, working with youth who are in, or have been involved in state custody.

During Chy’s first semester of college at Portland Community College, the pandemic began and the world shut down, all her classes moved to online learning, Chy’s mental health was affected by the isolation the pandemic brought on. About 4 months into the Pandemic, Chy’s mom was diagnosed with COVID-19. Chy was the only family member her mom had, so she was forced to be in charge of her health. Her mother eventually recuperated, but soon after, her father also became ill with COVID-19. Once again, Chy was made to be in charge of his health. This affected Chy’s mental health and caused her to spiral into a deep depression. The pandemic not only had a huge impact on Chy’s mental state, but also impacted her education, finances and health. 

Chy is working on herself, her health and moving forward, rebuilding what the pandemic tore down. She is currently working as Peer Navigator on the Oregon Pandemic Relief funds project at FosterClub, in partnership with the state of Oregon to get funds out to support young people who have experienced foster care. 


If you or someone you know has experienced foster care in Oregon and has a financial need, you may qualify for this emergency relief. Please visit to apply. If you need any type of support in filling out this form, please contact FosterClub at 503-717-1552 for assistance.


FosterClub is the national network for young people in foster care. FosterClub provides direct support to young people who experience foster care and drives change in the child welfare system by elevating youth voice. The national headquarters of FosterClub are located in Seaside, Oregon.