Christina Dumais spent 5 years in Minnesota's Foster Care System

Eighteen-year-old Christina Dumais is still in high school, but possess the determination of someone much older. Christina serves meals to seniors three days a week and is a member of the Student Council at her High School. Even though she is still in foster care, she has worked very hard in school to catch up to her peers. As someone who had to take summer school every summer, I know how discouraging that can be and I’m so glad Christina has fought for her education. While her journey has been difficult, Christina is determined to go to college and make all of her hardships worthwhile. Christina serves as a student mentor and has been honored with Student of the month four times over the past two years due to her commitment to her academics. She views herself as a listener, and wants to become a counselor for victims of sexual assault. Christina says, “I want to make something of my life.” I’m inspired that Christina wants to do so much more with her future, and I want to acknowledge her for coming this far in her journey. It is wonderful that she has found a passion for life again and I know that as she transitions to independence her confidence and sense of self-worth will only continue to grow.

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2011 Outstanding Young Leaders