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Finding the good despite all odds. That’s what Chris Boucher believes in. This steadfast optimism is what’s carried Chris though the twists and turns of a tumultuous childhood, setting him on the path toward becoming quite the honorable adult. Growing up in Fall River, Massachusetts, Chris experienced five foster care placements over the last 12 years. Five of those formative years Chris spent in a guardian placement before it dissolved (for no fault of his). As a teenager, Chris re-entered foster care and found a new beginning in a kinship foster home. Currently, Chris is a senior in high school but he also attends Bristol Community College. In his second year of dual enrollment, Chris maintains a high GPA and has found his place on the Dean’s List.
Additionally, Chris has been an active member on the Massachusetts South East Youth Advisory Board. He’s attended two White Ribbon Ceremonies at the State House where he rallied against violence toward women. Chris has also participated in holiday activities at St Vincent’s in Fall River, working with younger children in foster care. Recognized as a true leader, Chris stands at the threshold of adulthood, an example of the epic good that can rise up from the ashes to find a new life.