Cheyenne Von Hoene 


20 years Old 

Indiana Foster Care System 

Cheyenne Von Hoene is a 2021 All-Star Intern. She is a senior at Indiana University, pursuing her B.A. in Media Science, and works as a waitress. Once Cheyenne completes her bachelor’s degree, she plans to continue pursuing her education by attending graduate school. 

Cheyenne has five years of experience in the Child Welfare System. She entered the Indiana Foster Care System when she was 16 years old. She lived in a kinship placement before aging-out and participating in voluntary extended foster care services. She hopes to use her experiences to continue advocating for children within the Child Welfare System. She is passionate about advocacy and social reform.

Cheyenne began her advocacy journey working within the field of business. She worked with Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business on microenterprise and establishing fair trade regulations within third world countries. During this time, she worked with entrepreneurs to establish safe workplace practices. Now, Cheyenne hopes to use her advocacy to enhance the voice of youth and promote systemic change. 

In her free time, Cheyenne enjoys spending time with friends, tie dying t-shirts, and traveling.

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2021 All-Stars